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 The undisputed standout in Peter Jackson’s sixth and final Middle-earth movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was Richard Armitage, whose rigorous performance as the increasingly deranged Thorin lent psychological weight to what was otherwise an action-heavy final chapter.Digital Spy spoke to Armitage this morning to discuss the final days of Thorin Oakenshield, his upcoming role on Hannibal, and his plans for a theatre reunion with The Crucible director Yaël Farber.

Now that you’re more than a year out of it, how does it feel to look back on the Hobbit experience?
“You know what, it feels like a lifetime ago. I mean, I think we wrapped in 2013, but then the release of the final film at Christmas reminded us all of the work that we’ve done. It was such a nostalgic time because it was Pete’s farewell to the Middle-earth saga, and it was really nice to be there with him and celebrate and give him a round of applause for his achievements.”


What are you working on at the moment?
“I’m shooting Pilgrimage, which is kind of a 12th century road movie about a relic which is making its way back to Rome with a group of monks, and I play a French Norman who has a personal agenda to corrupt this little journey. It’s interesting, and most of my character’s dialogue is in French, so I’ve been having to buff up my French.”